Advertising Revenue for Schools and Colleges
Ad Infinitum is an independent Irish Media Company who can help your school or college benefit from additional reveue generated  through Advertising Campaigns aimed at your student population    
> Benefits to Schools
New source of revenue.
Selection of campaigns to choose from.
No financial or work commitment required.
Attractive poster display panels supplied, erected and maintained.
Fully insured.
Learning environment enhanced & respected.
Efficient, reliable and friendly back-up service.
> Adinfinitum has received encouragement and approval for its business model from the majority of interested / concerned parties who are directly or indirectly involved in education in this country.
This includes:
Educational officers.
Principal officers.
National Parents Council.
Teachers Unions.
Dept. of Education & Science officals.

"Commerce is an important part of the society we live in. Sports and the Arts and many other areas - realise the benefits to be gained from advertising, why shouldn't we ?"...
Mr. Derek West, Principal, Newpark Comprehensive School, Blackrock, Co. Dublin

"The principles behind it seem sound. It seems to be well policed and the Principals have control."
Mr. Terry Doyle, Educational Officer, Headquarters C.D.V.E.C.

"Enterprise has to be encouraged, everything that goes up will be clearly monitored"
Mr. Tony Keeling, Principal, Fingal Community College Co. Dublin

"Schools should embrace this unique opportunity to teach children about advertising in this controlled learning environment"
Ms. Rose Tully, President (former), National Parents Council.

Ad Infinitum can help Schools and Colleges in Ireland benefit from a new source of revenue - attractive poster display panels with a selection of advertising campaigns to choose from